plan1 W1S1 [plæn] n
5 plan A
6 plan B
[Date: 1600-1700; : French; Origin: 'drawing of a building at ground level'; partly from Latin planum 'level ground', partly from French planter 'to plant']
something you have decided to do
His plan is to get a degree in economics and then work abroad for a year.
There's been a change of plan - we're not going to Ibiza after all.
We don't have any plans for the weekend - why don't you come over?
Julia's been busy making plans for (=preparing for) her wedding.
sb's best plan
BrE (=the best course of action)
Your best plan would be to catch a taxi.
a set of actions for achieving something in the future, especially a set of actions that has been considered carefully and in detail
an ambitious economic recovery plan
plan for
Managers denied there are any plans for a merger.
plan to do sth
plans to turn the site of the factory into a park
keep/stick to a plan
If we keep to the plan the work should be completed in two weeks.
work out/draw up/devise a plan
They devised a plan to reduce costs.
If everything goes according to plan (=happens in the way that was arranged) the first stage will be completed by December.
Jane explained her plan of action .
3.) ¦(MAP)¦
a drawing similar to a map, showing roads, towns, and buildings
plan of
a street plan of London
4.) ¦(DRAWING)¦
a) technical a drawing of a building, room, or machine as it would be seen from above, showing the shape, size, and position of the walls, windows, and doors
→↑elevation, ↑section1 (7), ↑ground plan
b) a drawing that shows exactly how something will be arranged
I have to organise a seating plan for the dinner.
5.) plan A
Plan A
your first plan, which you will use if things happen the way you expect
We're going to find a restaurant and buy a meal. That's Plan A.
6.) plan B
Plan B
your second plan, which you can use if things do not happen the way you expect
It's time to put Plan B into action.
plan 2
plan2 W1S1 v past tense and past participle planned present participle planning
1.) [I and T]
to think carefully about something you want to do, and decide how and when you will do it
He immediately began planning his escape.
Talks are planned for next week.
The wedding was fine and everything went as planned (=happened the way it had been planned) .
plan to do sth
Maria didn't plan to kill Fiona. It was an accident.
plan ahead/plan for the future
Now that you're pregnant you'll have to plan ahead.
2.) [T]
to intend to do something
plan to do sth
He said he planned to write his essay tonight.
plan on doing sth
When do you plan on going to Geneva?
The former president is planning a return to politics.
3.) [T]
to think about something you are going to make, and decide what it will be like
= ↑design
Planning a small garden is often difficult.
The system needs to be planned carefully.
plan out [plan sth<=>out] phr v
to plan something carefully, considering all the possible problems
I'll get the maps so we can plan out our route.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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